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NEWS - 29-01-2019
Are you craving some retro gaming? Well, our new Arcade machine with 60 games is back in stock. So check it out!
Build your own Arcade
Are you looking for an Arcade Machine, Pachislo or Pachinko? We are one of the largest resellers of Japanse parlor games in the Benelux.
New Arcade 60 in 1
Virtua Fighter pachislo
Pachinko ball lifter
Macross pachislo
Lorenzo joysticks
Arcade 60 in 1 (Pac-Man version)
Arcade Slim Edition 2028
Mini Arcade 2019 in 1
Pachislo Pachinko Arcade
Japanese slot machines, equiped with an LCD screen and many bonus games. You need both luck and skill to win. Shoot metal balls into the playfield and try to get them into the target as they cascade down metal pins. We sell complete Arcade cabinets, but also loose PCBs and Neo Geo carts. Check out our mini Arcade tabletops..
Special offer
This month, the Biohazard 5 pachislo is on sale. Supplies are limited, so don't wait too long to order!